Joseph J. Battaglia and Glen Quinn – Triple X Cagefighting (TXC)

We started TXC in September of 2008, after witnessing how the typical Michigan promoters treated the fighter. Not only did I not like what I what I saw, what I was seeing was not true Martial Arts; it was a ToughMan contest. Too many times, Promoters knew the outcome of the fights, ahead of time – before they were fought. They would put fighters with 20 pounds of more weight difference against each other, and take drunk fans out of the stands to fight, resulting in an absolute zoo atmosphere. Promoters would hurt each other instead of acting like professionals, which hurts the entire industry.

Our plan at TXC was to rise above all of this, and treat everyone exactly how we wanted to be treated – with respect and professionalism, while providing our fighters with the best of everything.

AT TXC we spare no expense. We have the best announcer, the best refs, the best Backhouse in the business, the best doctors, medics, and the best videos and marketing.
TXC has fighter insurance on every show, and our fights are broadcast live on PPV.
Each TXC PPV Event has been viewed in over 15,000 homes live all over the world PER SHOW. Not just the state or country – the world!

TXC has day-before-show catered weigh-ins. We supply the fighter with gauze and tape at every show.
We are the only promotion company in the state that has a “Farm System,” which most

TXC Fighters start in. This proves that we will not just put “anyone” in our shows, and ensures that we have the very best MMA fighters in the state.
If getting to the Pro’s is a part of your career plan, you need to know that TXC has turned out more Professional Fighters than any other Promotion in the state. TXC is your road map to the Pro’s!

TXC has promoted over 60 shows in the past 6 years and has built up a loyal, engaged audience following.

TXC has the Largest Pro MMA Events in Michigan!!! 4 Years Running!!

Joseph J. Battaglia Martial Arts Background:
Born in Detroit, Michigan. Started training Karate in the 90’s, held over 17 Championships. Joe is also a Michigan Gold Medal Winner in Jiu-jitsu and Karate; he was the 1998 AKTC Black Belt of the Year. He holds a 5th degree Black Belt in American Karate (Full Contact Karate) and is an Internationally Certified Karate Instructor.  Joe is a professional Kickboxer and MMA fighter; he won his Last MMA Fight at the Palace of Auburn Hills, with a KO in 12 seconds of the 1st round which set the Michigan Pro MMA record.