Cody Stamann Winning Gold over Ruben BaraiacCody Stamann after his TXC Win in MT Clemens MI.

Michigan’s own Cody Stamann retains his MMA World FEATHERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Belt.

MT Clemens, MI
An all-star cast and crew made the event’s production smooth and seamless. Triple X Cagefighting definitively let the fans know why they are truly amongst the Mid-West elite promotions!! This was a rock solid show from start to finish. The main event was unbelievable. Actually, there were several fights that could have made fight of the night.

Main Event
TXC Featherweight Champion Cody Stamann and challenger Ruben Baraiac had one of the most anticipated MMA fights in MI history. Both 6-0 Stamann (Michigan Top Team) and 5-0 Ruben Baraiac (Ronin Fight Team/ Victorious MMA) had never seen defeat as Professionals. Stamann and Baraiac put it all on the line for the most prestigious MMA Championship Belt in the Midwest, the TXC FEATHERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.  TXC Gold was up for grabs Saturday, June 21st in MT Clemens MI. Fans from all over the Midwest came out to see this stacked TXC Event.

Your Main event was nothing short of spectacular!
The 1st round was to close to call with Baraiac landing at a higher percentage.        Stamann seemed to get stronger as the round went on.

2nd round Stamann came out very strong landing some flashy head kicks and stalking Baraiac and landing both strikes and takedowns at a very high percentage. Baraiac came back strong towards the end of the round.

3rd round is where most of the action happened, both warriors came out to finish the fight in this action packed round. About half way through the 3rd round, Stamann landed
a massive head kick to knock Baraiac to the canvas. Stamann did not let Baraiac off the hook as he jumped on him and finished the fight with a stunning TKO!

Co-Main Event 1.
Michael “The Huracane” Hernandez (MI) took on Giovanni Moljo (FL) in a 3 round    striking battle with Hernandez stalking Moljo for 3 rounds landing the bigger shots and taking Molji down several times. It was no surprise to the huge fan base that follows Hernandez he came up with a Big 3rd round Decision Win!

Co-Main Event 2.
Josh Robinson was dominant in the Flyweight Championship, Robinson emerging    with a unanimous decision victory (50-45, 50-45, 49-46) to capture the vacant TXC    Flyweight Crown in his bout with Nate Williams. Robinson was able to take down    Williams effortlessly and controlled the submissions Williams kept throwing his way.

Other Notable Fights on the card.
Vince Murdock Victorious over Tommy Bagnasco, TKO-R2
Bellator MMA vet Vince Murdock (FC Fitness Academy/Team Alpha Male/ MTT) win with a devastating TKO in the 2nd round over Bellator MMA vet Tommy Bagnasco (Mash Gym) who was on an impressive 4 fight winning streak.

Adrian Hadribeaj Victorious over Aaron Cook, UD 30-27
Next up we had another pro debut with “The Eagle” Adrian Hadribeaj (FC Fitness    Academy/Fuse MMA) putting on a striking clinic for 3 straight rounds over Aaron Cook winning a Unanimous Decision.

Korey Kuppe Victorious over Ryan King, Sub (Rear-naked choke) R1
Kuppe (Macomb Martial Arts) seemed to control this fight from start to finish winning by RNC over Ryan King in the 1st round. (Academy of Soo DO Thai)

Jerry Waterson Victorious over Derick Weaver, TKO-R1
Jerry “The Moose” Waterson (FC Fitness Academy/Fisticuffs Boxing) in his Pro Debut showed great stamina and composure as he stopped a very tough Derick Weaver in the 1st Round by TKO.

Anthony Ventimiglia Victorious over Chad Coon, TKO-R1
What a great back and forth battle with these two Michigan MMA Veterans. Ventimiglia (Team Shoot) pulled ahead with a TKO at the end of the 1st round.

Anthony Fleming Victorious over Rick Ogden, Sub (Rear-naked choke) R1
Fleming making very quick work of Ogden. Fleming rolled through a long shot by    Ogden, then setting up the von flue choke. Fleming then takes Ogden’s back and    finishes with the RNC in the 1st.

TXC had 3 amateur Fights with some of Michigan’s up and comers.
Josh Brueckner Victorious over Ali Sadd (Arm Lock) Amateur
Tony Barton Victorious over Mikey Galanos (R3 Dec) Amateur
Carnell Giles Victorious over Michael Hooper (R3 Dec) Amateur


Triple X Cagefighting – Legends III – Results from Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

Promotion Name: Triple X Cagefighting

Event Name: Legends III

Promoters: Joe & Stephanie Battaglia

Matchmaker: Glen Quinn

Date: Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

Location: Macomb Music Theater – Mt. Clemens

Referees: Doug Gallegos and Mike Miletti

Judges: Nick Frania, Ed Pigeon and Rose Gross

Timekeepers: Steve Daher and T.J. Corwin

Cut Man: Brandon Gallo

Announcer: Kara “KO” Ro

Color Commentary: Steve Lafrate and Kara “KO” Ro

Still Photography: Chris Rabior and‘s Jason “Muggzie” Mugg

Video: Cage Fighting Live

Honorable Mention: Joe & Stephanie Battaglia for a great event and the hospitality, Jason “Muggzie” Mugg and our affiliates over at, Frank Patino and the Patino Diet, Anthony Lebron and Defyant Industries, Cave Radio Broadcasting, our buddy Harley “Swede” Wallen – he didn’t get a chance to rock the video he was in recently, but we found it, and the link to it is right here. Check it out…cool video and some familiar MMA faces.

WOW – It is the easiest one-word description of the high-quality professional MMA action that took place at the Macomb Music Theater on the night of February 22nd, 2014. The venue was absolutely SOLD OUT – there were fans filling the tables, seats, balcony seats, swinging from the rafters – you name it – that came out to see this great night of fights. An all-star cast and crew made the event’s production smooth and seamless. Triple X Cagefighting definitively let the fans know why they are truly amongst Michigan’s elite promotions. There were a TON of highlights throughout the night…right now, we are going to go over just a few, but you can recap the event in it’s entirety courtesy of our friends over at Cage Fighting Live at their official site.When two of Michigan’s most skilled featherweight warriors stepped in to do battle, the fans got to witness an a rapid-fire MMA clinic. Triumph MMA‘s Rich “Roughneck” Stafford took on MASH Gym‘s Tommy Bagnasco in a battle that saw frenetic action on the feet and on the mat. A perfect matchup on paper – and it was an excellent display of heart and fortitude. Every great fight has to come to an end, and this one came to an end midway through the second round when Bagnasco cinched a TIGHT rear naked choke for the submission victory.

In the fight immediately following, the always formidable Ryan “The Psycho” Brettingham squared off against the up-and-coming phenom, Eric “The Ram” Ramirez. Both of these warriors earned a solid reputation when they were in the amateur ranks, so familiar fans knew the explosive potential that this fight had. It did not take long for something to happen…Ramirez closed the deal on his professional debut in under thirty seconds with a TIGHT and inescapable armbar.

Heavyweight fans were treated to an exciting war when Extreme MMA‘s local badboy Ray Lopez took on a TOUGH opponent, Terry “Tough and Handsome” Davinney . One things was clear about Davinney – he was there for war. But it appeared he would’ve preferred more of a ground battle. Davinney made several great attempts to get the fight grounded and employ his strength early, but Ray had him well scouted and knew he was a phenomenal wrestler and for the most part, Lopez was able to control the action using his experienced hands. After Ray landed a staggering overhand right, Davinney was never able to fully regain composure. Lopez went on to end the battle shortly thereafter with a rear naked choke.

The tenth fight of the night was an absolutely spectacular barn burner in the featherweight division that left fans amazed. Justin “The Hawk” Steave came all the way from Weirton, West Virginia to face the always explosive Ruben “The Romanian Wrecking Ball” Baraiac . This fight was three rounds of solid pressure that largely saw Ruben in dominant position either dealing out punishment or looking for a sub. Justin managed to escape many bad spots and pulled off some nice sweeps, but cardio monster Baraiac’s relentless onslaught was overwhelming. The bout hit the end of the regulation time, and the judges awarded a hard-earned unanimous decision to the Romanian Wrecking Ball. Mark our words…Ruben Baraiac is one of Michigan’s pros to watch in the future.

The evening’s Co-main event was a fight where fans could not afford to blink. Two elite Bantamweights met in the TXC cage to see who wanted it more – Tony “The Tiger” Zelinski and Michigan Top Team‘s Mike “The Hurricane” Hernandez. We here at FightMichigan have seen Tony Zelinski do battle many times – both as an amateur and as a pro – and he is a superbly trained martial artist. But there is a reason Mike Hernandez’ nickname is “The Hurricane” – and anyone who watched this fight needn’t ask why. The fight was mostly a standup clinic, with both men being respectful of one another. Hernandez delivered many textbook punches and kicks, employing great footwork and head movement, sometimes seemingly scoring at will – not an easy feat against “The Tiger”. The fight reached a BRUTAL end nearing the three-and-a-half minute mark in the second round when Mike Hernandez landed some CRUSHING punches on the ground from above that sent Zelinski into unconsciousness and Hernandez into the spotlight.

In the Main Event, Two of Michigan’s toughest Featherweights, representing two of Michigan’s most respected teams, met in the center of the cage to see who would walk away wearing the TXC 145 pound gold. Murcielago MMA‘s Jeremy “The Czar” Czarnecki pitted his skills against long-time Daron Cruickshank protege and Michigan Top Team badboy Cody “Mr. Wonderful” Stamann. Both of these fighters were hungry to add another win to their respective collection, and both fighters have reached a career point where every win is a step closer to the top. This was a VERY well matched fight. So much so, that after five grueling, tit-for-tat rounds, the judges had to be the ones to determine the outcome. After all was said and done, they collectively agreed that Cody “Mr. Wonderful” Stamann had the better showing, making him the NEW champion.

Triple X Cagefighting knocked this event outta the park, and there are many more great things on the horizon. Check our event page regularly for future TXC events, as well as all other MMA related events. We will see you at a show soon!

By: Fight Michigan

Jaynes Looks to Earn Fourth Pro Win at TXC

By Bootsy Harris
Updated: October 14, 2013

When one walks into the Xtreme Couture facilities, one will almost always see Justin Jaynes either working behind the front desk or on the mats perfecting his combat craft. The coach and professional fighter makes his intentions of being a professional success perfectly clear every day through his actions. Jaynes’ (3-1) next step on his road to the top is at TXC on Oct. 19 in Michigan against Drew Helner (1-1).

“I know he use to be a good wrestler but has been training in kickboxing and karate for the last five years. I assume he will be well rounded but from what I hear he likes to stand and bang.”Jaynes

Jaynes’ 3-1 professional record is a proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’, as it shrouds an extensive and successful amateur career.

“This will be my 52 fight,” Jaynes says without a hint of self-aggrandizing or chest-puffery. “I had 47 amateur fights 31-14-2 and I’m 3-1 as a pro right now.”

When asked how and why he attained such an intensive amateur career, he again states plainly:

“I’m from Michigan and they fight every weekend out there. I had my first fight right after high school graduation. I wrestled in college and when you wrestle for the NCAA you can’t turn pro. So in the off-season when I wasn’t wrestling I would pick up fights. All throughout college I just kept taking fights.”

When asked if the sheer total of matches put a grind on him, Jaynes was quick to shrug it off. “The grind in wrestling is no other grind I’ve done before. I’ve been wrestling since I was nine years old and [fighting] was always something to do to keep me from getting fat and lazy.”

While the physical toll is something Jaynes seems comfortable with carrying, the financial and mental toll clearly hold a real impact of accumulative pressure as a lo-pro fighter.

“It’s all a snowball effect. There is nothing really worse than another, but it all becomes a big challenge,” he explained.

“One of the hardest parts of becoming a fighter and going pro is finding your fights and finding sponsors – supporting yourself financially to get through the tough times. It’s a lot to handle. I’m working at the gym almost full time in order to cover my bills. I only get a couple hundred a fight or a thousand at most.”

Jaynes gives an example of the kind of financial toll he, and fighters like him, have to carry at times. He explains: “I fought in Scotland in August. I had to cover my plane ticket. That was $1,800 and I only made $900. Did I find good contacts and get exposure? Of course. Would I do it again? Absolutely, no questions asked. But hopefully next time they pay for my travel.”

“Martin Kampman is going to be cornering me for the October 19 fight, and so I’m even trying to scrounge up a seminar he can do to make it worth his while. All of his expenses comes out of my pocket.” Jaynes is quick to add “And I’m okay with [the cost] because I am so grateful to have a guy like him cornering me.”

Jaynes’ predicament is not unique for an MMA fighter, but there are few in the modern MMA world that have put in the sheer amount of experience he has attained. Over fifty bouts gives him rare insight into the continuous grind of the MMA athlete. And Jaynes states that the first thing anyone has to know is whether or not they truly want to do it.

“You’re either all-in or you’re all-out. You can’t do this half way and expect to succeed. That’s why I moved out [to Las Vegas]. I was up in Michigan working and I would come home and after work and say ‘oh I’m too tired to train today.’ Really, I was only getting something like three days a week instead of six like I do here. If you want to do it as a hobby, that’s great, there’s lots of amateur shows around the world. But you have to be all-in if you want to do it for a living.”

In regards to his future, Jaynes says he has to take it as it comes, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a goal in mind.

“I’m always looking for my next fight. Granted, I need to be focused on these [two] coming up. Hopefully I can grab two wins here and then get picked up by the WSOF or The Ultimate Fighter. No question I have to look ahead. Hopefully by the time I’m 5-1 or 6-1 and I come out uninjured, I’ll be able to take a step up.”


Intimidation Clothing to sponsor UFC veteran James Lee at Triple X Cagefighting event near Detroit
July 28, 2012

Intimidation Clothing is pleased to announce the sponsorship of the highly popular James Lee in his comeback fight on August 4th for Triple X Cagefighting. Lee, the head of the Detroit area MASH Fight Team and a UFC veteran, will fight for the first time in four and a half years in the event which will be held in suburban Detroit. James Lee MMA

The TXC event will take place on Saturday, August 4th at the Taylor Sportsplex West of Detroit in Taylor, Michigan. James Lee (14-3-1) is a 11-time King of the Cage veteran and former KOTC Champion having also fought for both the UFC and Pride. Lee last competed in January 2008 at UFC 80 where he lost by TKO to Alessio Sakara and has wins over James Te Huna and Travis Wiuff in his pro career which began in 1999. Now primarily focusing on building his MASH Fight Team, Lee coaches UFC lightweight Daron Cruickshank, former KOTC Middleweight Champion Brandon Hunt as well as active pros Eric Moon and David “Bo” Harris. Each fighter has been sponsored by the Intimidation brand multiple times in the past two years.

Intimidation Clothing is a fast-growing brand of MMA apparel & training gear based in Ohio with a strong presence throughout the Midwest USA and a growing national presence regularly being featured on multiple sporting events on MTV2, FUEL TV, EpixHD, AXS TV and SportsTime Ohio as well as MMA highlight shows on Spike TV and HDNet/AXS TV. In addition to over 70 styles of high-quality, bold t-shirts and sweatshirts for men, women and children. The company is also becoming known for their premium-quality EliteFighter MMA board shorts, as well as vale tudo shorts, rashguards and more available online at Fans can like the Intimidation brand on Facebook and follow Intimidation on Twitter.


Taylor Invasion: Interview with TXC President and CEO Joseph J. Battaglia
May 11, 2012

On this coming Saturday night (May 12), Triple X Cagefighting (TXC), one of the leading Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) outfits in Michigan, will present Taylor Invasion, a fight card with 15 fights (and 4 TXC championship belts on the line) advertised to be action-packed, at the Taylor Sportsplex on Telegraph Road in Taylor, MI.

The Detroit Fight Sports Examiner reached out to Joseph J. Battaglia, the president and CEO of TXC for some information about Saturday’s fight card as well as his thoughts on some issues concerning Michigan’s MMA scene.

By the way, Mr. Joe Battaglia, a regular fixture in the state’s fight circle, is also a professional kickboxer and MMA fighter in his own right; he holds a 4th degree black belt in American Karate, is an Internationally certified Karate instructor, and is the Great Lakes Grappling Championship heavyweight gold medal winner in 2010, among his accomplishments.

TXC Taylor Invasion

Below is the transcript of the Q&A’s we had with Mr. Joseph Battaglia:

Detroit Fight Sports Examiner (DFSE): When did TXC start promoting fights, and what challenges did you encounter in doing such?

Joseph Battaglia: “When TXC first started promoting shows it was very hard, we got a lot of resistance from other promoters. We just stayed the course and eventually TXC was the place to compete. TXC had their first show in September of 2008.”

DFSE: Please tell me about the cost of promoting fights, its return of investment, rewards, etc.?
Battaglia: “Based on the high quality production that TXC has, it can get costly. TXC is one of the only companies in Michigan that has a staff of 40 or more people! ”

“The reward is great. Not necessarily money, but we keep turning out the best fighters in Michigan. We have turned out 17 Pros in the last 4 years. We are the only company in Michigan with that kind of success. You can see guys from TXC in Bellator, Strikeforce and now the UFC. It just shows the kind of talent that we surround ourselves with!”

DFSE: What can the fight fans expect in Saturday night’s fight?

Battaglia: “We are looking to build a new foundation in the Taylor area. We want to show the MMA fans of Taylor what TXC brings to the table!! It will take some time to build the area but we are here to stay!!”

DFSE: How is TXC 40 Invasion different from other promotions in the state?

Battaglia: “The mid-west’s highest level of fighters comes out of TXC. TXC is also run live on PPV and has its own TV Series called TXC MMA Undisputed.”

DFSE: What are TXC’s future plans?

Battaglia: “We are going to continue to grow our brand and keep giving MMA fans the best Michigan has to offer!! TXC will have its first Professional MMA show EVER in Taylor. TXC has a 6 fight contract with the Taylor Sportsplex, 4 ammy and 2 Pro.”

DFSE: Are you competing in the event?

Battaglia: “No. This is the first event of a 6-Fight 2-year deal with the Taylor Sportsplex, 4 Amateur and two Professional Events. This 1st event is an Amateur Event. I am a Pro Fighter! ”

DFSE: How does TXC safeguard the fighter’s well-being? Insurance? Fighter’s fee? Medical personnel on site?

Battaglia: “We have some of the Best Matchmakers in the state. Glen Quinn and Todd Slater put the matches together so we are confident we don’t ever get mismatches.”

“We have Health Insurance on all the Fighters. The medical staff we have is great; I have known Catherine Harman for over 22 years and she is one of the most experienced [medical staff] in MMA.”

DFSE: What is your dream and assessment with regards to the future of MMA and other contact sports in Michigan?

Battaglia: “Michigan has some of the best talent in the world; we just need the promoters to get on the same page. If we work with each other instead of against each other, more guys from around the world will set up shop here in Michigan. This will help stimulate the economy and put Michigan back on the map!!”

DFSE: Where do you stand in relation to the somewhat controversial Michigan Senate Bill 808 (aka ‘Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Regulatory Act”)?

Battaglia: “Senate Bill 808 is the best chance we have to prosper in Michigan MMA, I am for it 100%.”

The TXC’s Taylor Invasion fight card features four current TXC champions risking their belts against qualified opponents as headliners, as well as a bevy of fighters from all over the state and Canada in the undercards.

TXC Featherweight champion Jason Vanheck (Team Shoot) will put his belt on the line against Tommy Bagnasco (Mash Gym), and TXC lighweight champion Anthony Bain (The System) is pitted against Team Shoot’s Jeremy Kroll.

A Canadian, Josh Rich will attempt to take TXC Bantamweight champion Dan Winston’s belt (Mash Gym) while Joey Haney will take on TXC Junior Bantamweight champion Tony Barton (Mash Gym).

Other fighters who will see action in Taylor Invasion fight cards are Dustin Hardin, Jaime Espinoza, Cory Spivey, Andrew Pittiebone, Devon Stone, Kenneth Hopkins, Ryan Trainor, Scott Yates Kevin O’Neil, Jubran Nasser, Kurt Moor Antonio Moreno, Feed Gribben, Richard Marcottes, and Austin Delargey.

You can buy tickets for $25-$40 at the gate or at the TXC website. You can also order the fight on pay-per-view HERE.