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Throughout my youth I led a very active life, first as the Captain of the Lifeguard Patrol in Cape Florida and John U Lloyd State Park, and then as the Physical Training Instructor for the Miami Beach Fire Department. Even as I began my Medical Education, I still participated in various mini-triathlons and was an avid weight lifter. I hardly considered myself out of shape, and expected that I would retain my active lifestyle throughout the years. Unfortunately, destiny has a way of surprising you.

Starting in mid-1999 and continuing to 2002, changes in my life seemed to accumulate to such a point where I just could not find the energy to continue my daily regiment. I began to see dramatic changes in my body and health levels, gaining over 30 pounds and moving up 4 pant sizes. Then came the moment when I truly realized exactly how far I had fallen. I was walking up the stairs to my bedroom, and noticed that the simple exertion of a dozen plus steps had left me out of breath. I was shocked by the realization of my mortality. Surely I had not grown old so quickly!

In mid 2002 I made the decision to embark on changing this downward decline, which included a low Glycemic Index diet, exercise and nutri-pharmaceuticals. While I still retained some skepticism as to the potential for the program, the results I saw just over two months later made me a believer. In late November of 2002 my body weight had dropped from 236 lbs to 207 lbs, and my body fat had decreased from over 20% to 15.5% (according to dexascan). And the best was yet to come!  With over a decade of experience in tweaking my eating habits, I weigh in at 210 lbs and 9.3% body fat! My body is leaner, stronger, and healthier now then it was 15 years ago, and I was still quite active at that time.

For the past several years I have been developing my own approach to a low Glycemic Index diet, the PATINO DIET. With the right education and a synergistic blend of exercise and nutritional do and don’ts, you can set the path for your own rebirth into a younger you. Stop wasting time and start the PATINO DIET today!